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The language experts at ASI

The in-house team in Vienna is the very heart of ASI: We speak some 20 languages, liaise closely with our partners and ensure top quality.

  1. David Faffelberger
    Managing Director

    Having received vocational training in the banking industry and subsequently read languages at Vienna University, David Faffelberger worked as a legal translator in one of Austria’s largest law firms. From October 2010 until February 2020, he held the post of Deputy Managing Director at ASI, becoming its sole Managing Director in March 2020.
    David Faffelberger
  2. Irena Sacher
    Senior Project QA Manager and Sales and Marketing Manager

    Irena Sacher obtained a degree in translation (DE, BS/HR/SR, EN) in Vienna and worked as both a freelance translator and an in-house translator and project manager in corporate environments. From October 2012 to September 2020, she supported the ASI team as a project manager and became Deputy Managing Director in October 2020.
    Irena Sacher
  3. Sylvia-Anita Gratz
    Senior Consultant

    Sylvia-Anita Gratz studied translation in Vienna, Graz and Los Angeles. As a co-founder of the company, she helped shape Austria Sprachendienst International, now ASI GmbH, from the very beginning. After completing her degree, she became the company’s sole Managing Director in 1983, a post she held until February 2020. She has been assisting the company in an advisory capacity since March 2020.
    Sylvia-Anita Gratz
  4. Elias Ungar
    Financial Officer

    Elias Ungar studied in Linz, Vienna and Paris. After working on a self-employed basis in private industry for many years, he now provides assistance to ASI in all financial matters.
    Elias Ungar
  5. Martina Schatke
    Translator/Key Account Manager

    Martina Schatke studied translation (DE, EN, ES) in Graz, after which she worked for the Federal Chancellery. She has worked for ASI since 1986 as a key account manager and technical translator.
    Martina Schatke
  6. Dietmar Pirklbauer
    Translator/Key Account Manager

    Dietmar Pirklbauer is a certified translator (DE, EN) and worked as an IT specialist at the University of Graz for many years. He has worked as a key account manager and technical translator for ASI since 1986.
    Dietmar Pirklbauer
  7. Karin Neumeister
    Senior Project and QA Manager

    Karin Neumeister is a certified translator (DE, EN, FR). She has worked as a translator and project manager for many years, on both the client and the agency side. Ms Neumeister has been a member of the ASI team since 2000.
    Karin Neumeister
  8. Mischa Mikolasek
    Senior Project and QA Manager

    Mischa Mikolasek attended the Lycée Français in Vienna, completed a vocational training programme for international management assistants at the EMA and then worked for several years in the international branded goods industry. After spending extended periods abroad, she studied translation (DE, FR, IT) at the University of Vienna. She joined our team in June 2011 as a project manager for the key account business.
    Mischa Mikolasek
  9. Inna Brambor
    Senior Project and QA Manager

    Inna Brambor has worked as a project manager at ASI since December 2012. Prior to this, she built up experience as a language teacher and translator over several years. She obtained a degree in German and English studies in Ukraine, studied Romance languages (FR, ES) in Austria and rounded off her education by completing a PhD in Romance Media Studies. Mrs. Brambor will be on maternity leave as of the end of August 2021.
    Inna Brambor
  10. Eglė Kadlíček
    Senior Project and QA Manager

    Eglė Kadlíček has been a member of the ASI team since June 2015, working as a project manager. Prior to this, in addition to volunteering, she worked for the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Vienna and for the European Commission in Luxembourg. She has a BA in Political Science and an MA in Translation and Interpreting (LT, DE, EN) from the University of Vilnius in Lithuania.
    Eglė Kadlíček
  11. Ewelina Entian
    Senior Project and QA Manager

    Ewelina Entian joined ASI as a project manager in 2015. Before that, she worked as a language trainer, freelance translator and interpreter. She studied applied linguistics in Poland and interpreting (PL, DE, EN) at the Centre for Translation Studies in Vienna. Currently, Ms Entian is on maternity leave.
    Ewelina Entian
  12. Ilaria Butterini
    Project and QA Manager

    Ilaria Butterini studied translation (IT, DE, FR, EN) in Trieste and Vienna and has been with ASI since 2017 as a project manager. Currently, Ms Butterini is on maternity leave.
    Ilaria Butterini
  13. Alexandra Horváthová
    Project and QA Manager

    Alexandra Horváthová has a Slovak-Hungarian cultural background. She has a degree in interpreting (HU, DE, EN) from the Centre for Translation Studies in Vienna. During her studies she worked as a language trainer for German and English and also gained experience as a translator and interpreter. She joined the ASI team in 2018 to work as a project and QA manager.
    Alexandra Horváthová
  14. Karolína Derčalíková

    Karolína Derčalíková has an MA in Translation with a specialization in Conference Interpreting (CS, DE, EN) from the Centre for Translation Studies in Vienna. She gained several years of experience as a freelance translator, editor and language trainer. She has been supporting the ASI team as a project and QA manager since October 2020.
    Karolína Derčalíková
  15. Aleksandra Zaitceva

    Aleksandra Zaitceva has both Russian and Ukrainian roots. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Philology and Translation (EN, DE) in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and then started her master’s studies at the University of Vienna majoring in Specialised Translation and Language Industry (RU, DE, EN). During her studies, she managed to gain experience in various functions and fields: as a volunteer, freelance translator and revisor, trainee project manager and as a multilingual secretary at the Austrian office of a global business law firm. Aleksandra Zaitceva joined ASI as a project and QA manager in October 2020.
    Aleksandra Zaitceva

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